trees at new building

85 Park Place: Landscaping

And then there were trees…


Trees line the construction zone at the new building, waiting to be planted.

You know we are getting close to moving into the new building when the trees and shrubs go in. McCarthy Building Co. workers started planting trees around the perimeter of the new building late last week.

Plans call for:

  • 7 Willow Oak trees along John Wesley Dobbs Avenue close to the new building
  • 6 Willow Oak trees along Park Place in front of the building
  • More than 60 shrubs in a planter along the building on the John Wesley Dobbs Avenue side
  • 11 trees behind the building and within the new parking lot behind the building
  • 11 shrubs to help screen the parking lot
  • 6 Fringe trees next to the front of the building
  • More than 20 Purple Pixie Loropetlaum shrubs in the front of the building
  • Liriope grass in the front of the building to fill the base of the trees
  • 2 electric car charging stations in the parking lot