85 Park Place: Bathrooms Generate Praise

new bathrooms

The bathrooms in the new building are taking shape. And, more importantly, they are not “in the round.”

Among the obvious benefits the new building will provide for Georgia State Law students, there is one aspect that students and alumni will surely appreciate – new bathrooms. Seriously.

The poorly laid-out and dysfunctional bathrooms in the Urban Life Building are a well-known plight to students. The layout of the Urban Life Building created awkward bathrooms in the round.

From the seemingly useless empty spaces to bathrooms stalls where one must almost sit sideways to fit, the current facilities will not be missed.

In fact, new bathroom photos posted to our Facebook page drew praise from students and alumni alike.

“I’m excited to move into a building that has bathrooms that are not only coherently designed, but hopefully more aesthetically pleasing as well. Not only are the bathrooms depressing, but I could certainly do without the seemingly arbitrary way the toilets flush unexpectedly,” said Elliot Bourne (J.D. ’16).

Jay Ingram (J.D. ’16) is from Birmingham, Alabama. He majored in international business at Auburn University and has an interest in sports and entertainment law. In his free time, Ingram enjoys playing soccer and following the growing music scene in Atlanta.