Inside 85 Park Place

Posted On April 13, 2015 by By Jaya Franklin

StudentstourEveryone was excited to see the developments at 85 Park Place today. This location will serve as the new home for Georgia State Law.  The three students, Michelle Namer (J.D. ’17), Michael Namer (J.D. ’17) and Paul Blackstock (J.D. ‘17), were among the winning bidders for the building tour at the Public Interest Law Association auction held Feb. 28.

Chip Hill, assistant dean for administration and finance, led the tour while Kendall Kerew, a assistant clinical professor and I joined to take in the sights and sounds of our new vibrant building.


But, first we had to stop and meet up with Doug Yarn, a professor and one of the building co-chairs. He handed us our safety gear, complete with hard hats, bright orange safety vests and a pair of clear protective safety glasses.

We were all dressed and ready to go, but not before taking a “selfie,” photo shoot prior to entering the building.

The new building with seven floors has progressed nicely since I visited the site last fall. The Georgia State community and the general public can follow the building’s progress through photos and stories on the law school’s website and via social media. However, actually being inside the building is a totally different experience.

“It’s so different than the current building in every fabulous way,” said Michelle Namer as she examined the new building.

We visited the main floor first, which houses the career services office, admissions and the registrar. Hill explained that the offices are located on the first floor for easy public access.


The law school contains an impressive atrium that serves as the main artery of the building. It has a massive staircase with glass side railings and panels with beautiful metallic silver finishes. You also have the option to use the elevators.

It’s obvious that this building was developed with students in mind. The faculty offices and classrooms are located on the same floor, making it easier for students to meet with professors.

The building includes student workrooms and phone booths to give students in the Philip C. Cook Low-Income Taxpayers Clinic and other clinics privacy while making phone calls to places like the IRS.

Student organizations have an 1,800 square foot space called The Bull Pen on the fourth floor to conduct meetings and to work.

“I want to see the library since that’s where I’ll be spending all my time,” said Michael Namer.

The library can be found on the fifth and sixth floors. It includes a lactation room, private study rooms and there will be a café nearby to get a snack or a quick caffeine fix.

“It so nice to have a café near the library, right now we have to travel from the first floor to Einstein’s and back,” said Michelle Namer.

The students were thrilled about the two outdoor terraces where they can meet, eat, study, relax and enjoy the sun as well as the beautiful downtown scenery.

Summer classes will be held in the Urban Life building located at 140 Decatur St.. Faculty and staff will begin to move into 85 Park Place in June.